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About us

LOVE PIZZA serves authentic New Haven style coal-fired pizza, South Shore steel-pan cooked bar pizza, 110-year old secret family recipe meatballs, farm-fresh salads, and handmade ice creams from Milkjam Creamery. All of our doughs are made in-house daily with ultra premium ingredients and cold fermented for days to create an unbelievably perfect crispy chewy crust. One bite, and you'll know why LOVE PIZZA is unlike all others. 

Free Delivery

To ensure you receive the highest level of quality and service, LOVE PIZZA will not be using third-party delivery services. We believe we are better equipped to maintain the quality of our products if we personally deliver your order. In addition to maintaining quality, providing delivery services allows us to lower our customer's total cost to enjoy the LOVE PIZZA experience!

Our singular aim is to ensure that your pizza is delivered and presented to you with excellence.

Take out
or Walk-in:

When you place an order with us for takeout, you will be welcomed with a genuinely warm greeting, offered a complimentary glass of wine or beer or non-alcoholic beverage, and provided a cozy seat on one of our couches, club chairs, or patio seats while you wait for your order to be completed.


Details coming soon!